How to Buy 3D Printer Filament

In this simple guide, we wanted to dive into a couple of steps to facilitate the way you buy 3D printer filament. We will go step-by-step with pictures and tips to ease your experience.


3D Printer Filament Shop Experience

Once you are on our shop page, you will notice that our products are organized from the most recent to the least recent. There are many categories you can choose from.

You can find 3D Printers, ASA Filament, Nano Diamond PLA, Nozzles, Offers, Others, PETG, PLA+, Raw Materials, and Xtreme Series PLA (High-Performance PLA)

Categories to buy 3d printer filament

When you click one of the categories, it will only show you that specific list of items. If you want to go back to our main shop page, then use the “back” button on your browser bar or on our “shop” button in our navigation bar.


3D Printer Filament Pack Purchase

To access all our packs, click OFFERS in our category menu. For this quick guide on how to buy 3D printer filament, we are going to use PLA+ Packs as an example.

PLA+ 3D Printer filament pack 20

Let’s say that you were looking to buy this pack of 20 PLA+ rolls. Once you land on the pack product page, you will notice that you have the option to choose from all our PLA+ colors (if they are in stock).

You will notice a 0 (quantity) at the right of each 3D filament color. To start making your selection, you can just override the 0 for the amount you want for each color (respecting the quantity rule for each pack).


Troubleshooting Pending Issues Before Checkout



If you are inside our Pack of 20, you will need to get exactly 20 units to proceed to the checkout.

Error that happens when you try to buy more than the quantity rule

You won’t be able to move forward to the checkout if you pick less or more than 20 units.

Error that happens when you try to buy more than the quantity rule in a 3D printer filament pack

This is the message that will appear if you try to add to the cart more or less of the quantity of the pack you are trying to buy.


Insufficient Stock

With promotions and offers often happening, there might be some products that run out of stock quickly.

Error that happens when you try to buy more than the quantity rule in a 3D printer filament stock insufficient

You will also have to take a look at the amount of stock left on the items you are trying to purchase. Here we decided to give you an example of buying just 20 units of the same color.

To complete a pack of 20 rolls, you can make a combination using all the colors till reaching 20 units.

If none of the above are helping out, then you might want to clean your cookies or choose another browser. To clean your cookies you will have to go to the top right corner and click the browser menu. After that, hover over “More tools”, and then Clean Browsing Data.


Added to Cart Process

After you added your products to the cart, the site will refresh back to the top of the product page. To the right, you will be able to see what your cart is currently containing. In this case, we selected 20 Burnt Orange PLA+.

Cart selection when buying filament

After you are done with your selection, you can now view your cart or keep purchasing other products from our store.

Cart view when buying 3d printed filament

You will see that you selected 1 pack of 20 which equals $229.80 before taxes.

If you selected more than one color, you will see the list of colors that you have chosen for your pack. This is an example if you keep purchasing.

Let’s say that after choosing those 20 Burnt Orange PLA+ filaments you also wanted to add a Pack of 10 PETG filaments.

Cart view when buying more 3d printed filament

If you wish to take out something from your cart, then you can use the red cross located to the left of each product picture.

Notice that in this case, if you remove one of the products that were included in the pack, you won’t be able to buy that entire pack. A message like this will appear on the top of your cart page.

Added to cart error

Once you correct the error, click Update Cart to be able to proceed to the Checkout.


Proceed to Checkout When Buying 3D Filament

Whenever you buy 3D printer filament, your final step is your checkout. You will have to input shipping information (your address) and your billing information (where is your payment information addressed).

Make sure to verify your captcha at the very end of the page. You will have to solve the captcha every time you purchase.

Buying Captcha

Also, you have two options for your payment information. You can proceed with your card under our highly secured payment gateway. In addition, you can use PayPal as an option if you have an account with them.

This will grant the option of using PayPay Payments. Furthermore, they allow you to split your payments into several installments.


Thank You Email

After you buy 3D printing filaments from us, you will receive an email with all your purchase details. In addition, you will be able to use your tracking number to locate your package in real-time.

If you still have any questions regarding this process, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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