10 x 1kg Xtreme PLA Filament Pack (w/ Nanodiamonds)


  • Color: Multiple selection
  • Precision +/- 0,03 mm
  • Diameter: 1,75 mm
  • Weight: 1kg / 2.2lbs
  • Printing temperature: 190°C–220°C
  • Heated bed: 50–70°C
  • Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 3 in
  • Great for Drones, Cosplay, RC Cars, and Strong Masks & Helmets
Product Quantity

1kg Xtreme White PLA Filament (w/ Nanodiamonds)

150 in stock

Xtreme Black PLA Filament (w/ Nanodiamonds)

206 in stock

1 kg Xtreme Candy Red PLA Filament (w/ Nanodiamonds)

87 in stock

1kg Xtreme Mystic Purple PLA Filament (w/ Nanodiamonds)

104 in stock

1kg Xtreme Space Gray PLA Filament (w/ Nanodiamonds)

88 in stock

1kg Xtreme Apple Green PLA Filament (w/ Nanodiamonds)

115 in stock

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Our Xtreme PLA Filament is an advanced PLA filament made with one of the finest polylactic acid biopolymers and nanomaterials. We manufacture this 3D filament in the USA. Our Xtreme PLA Filament Series achieves seamless and accurate 3D prints. That is why It takes your daily 3D printing to the next level.

With the trust that this Xtreme PLA Filament brings to printers, you will be able to create your products on autopilot. A new stronger spool offers more grip to the printer, making prints much smoother. For best practices, once you use your 3D filament, make sure to store it correctly. This High-Performance PLA Filament comes in 1kg spools. Also, you can get BlackCandy RedMystic PurpleSpace Gray, White, and Apple Green in this Xtreme Series.

In cooperation with our partners at Nano Materials and Processes Inc, we are excited to introduce “Xtreme” PLA  or High-Performance PLA. Blended with proprietary Nanodiamonds, Xtreme PLA Filament is tougher and easier to print with. It also has less hygroscopic, less clogging, better layer adhesion, and less stringing.

In initial tensile testing of the filament, the Xtreme PLA HP showed more than 30% improvement over the base PLA.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 in